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Soda Ash Products

​Şişecam is a major global player in the fields of glass and chemicals. Currently, the company’s soda ash production capacity totals 5 million tons per year at its plants operating in Türkiye, USA (Wyoming), Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Bulgaria. With this production volume, Şişecam is the world's second-largest producer of soda ash products. Through projects in the pipeline in the US (Atlantic), Şişecam aims to surpass a soda ash production capacity of 10 million tons and become a world leader by 2028. Serving as a dependable supplier with high production capacity, top-notch product quality, and an expansive marketing network, Şişecam meets Türkiye's soda needs while also serving global markets as a major supplier.

Şişecam began producing soda ash, a primary raw material in the glass industry, in 1967, in Mersin, Türkiye. In 1997, Şişecam became a partner of the Bulgarian soda ash producer Sodi along with Solvay (Belgium) and EBRD, with the aim of extending its soda operations to the global arena. Şişecam increased its stake to 25% in subsequent years. In 2006, Şişecam acquired the Lukavac Soda Plant in Bosnia-Herzegovina and expanded the plant’s production capacity to 625,000 tons per year with significant capital investments.

The fast-growing natural soda ash market and steadily increasing demand clearly demonstrated Şişecam to make a new investment. In 2019, Şişecam built a joint venture production partnership to make a natural soda investment in the USA with a total production capacity of 2.7 million tons per year. In 2021, Şişecam expanded the scope of its cooperation and as part of the new investment plan, Şişecam became a 60% shareholder in the Atlantic Pasific Project and the existing natural soda ash production facilities of its partner Ciner Group. Şişecam took over the management of the investments and the facility in Wyoming.

With the new structure of the partnership, the two robust companies will realize a natural soda ash investment of approximately 4 billion USD in total in the US. Through this strategic move, Şişecam-controlled soda ash production capacity will exceed 10 million metric tons gradually by 2028, a significant increase from the current capacity of 5 million metric tons today. With the investments that will include the establishment of the largest soda ash production facility in a single location, Şişecam is expected to become the largest natural soda ash producer in the United States.

After all these investments, in 2023, Şişecam announced a port management investment in California together with Ciner Group for the logistics needs of its natural soda ash investments in the USA. Şişecam Chemicals USA, a 100% subsidiary of Şişecam, became a 50% shareholder of Denmar US LLC which will execute the Stockton Port Management Project. This project is planned to set up a logistics infrastructure for use in potential future exports of Şişecam’s ongoing soda ash investment and feature an annual capacity of 5 million tons. The Stockton Port investment is scheduled to start operations in 2027, in parallel with Şişecam’s natural soda ash investment in the United States, which is planned to be gradually commissioned by 2028. This new logistics investment will help Sisecam secure sustainable growth by establishing a supply chain structure to achieve the company's natural soda ash export targets in the USA.

Şişecam’s dense and light soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium sulfate production operations primarily target the glass industry, in addition to detergent and chemical producers, as well as the paper, textiles, food, and animal feed sectors. Furthermore, Şişecam produces limestone and salt, the key raw materials in soda ash production, at its own facilities.

Soda Ash Dense

Şişecam Soda Ash Dense is a white, granular substance consisting of sodium carbonate and is being used in production of glass, detergents, chemicals and other sodium compounds. Its bulk density is approx..1 gr/cm3.

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Soda Ash Light

Şişecam Soda Ash Light is a white, granular substance consisting of sodium carbonate and it is used for production of glass, detergents, chemicals, soaps, textile, paper and other sodium compounds and for casting industry and drilling fluids. Its bulk density is approx.. 0, 5 gr/cm3.

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Sodium Bicarbonate

Şişecam Sodium Bicarbonate is being produced for use in food and feed industries in addition to textile, detergents, chemicals, water purification and electrolytic coating applications and produced in accordance with international certification systems meeting the requirements of various technical specifications and areas of use


Sodium Sulfate

Şişecam Sodium Sulfate is being used for detergents, glass, paper and chemicals industries as raw materials in addition to being used for textiles as dye materials. It is produced Soda Sanayii A.Ş. Mersin, Turkey.

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