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Chromium Chemicals

​Operating Turkey-based Mersin Kromsan plant and Italy-based Cromital S.p.A. facilities, Şişecam with its Tankrom® brand is the world's most preferred producer of basic chromium sulphate.

In 2005, Şişecam, a world leader in sodium bichromate and chromic acid production, entered into an equal-share partnership with Cromital, an Italian company engaged in chromium chemical production. In 2011, Şişecam acquired 100% of the jointly owned company’s shares. In 2000, Şişecam opened a representative office in China to engage in business activities related to chromium chemicals; the entity was incorporated in 2002. Currently, this enterprise operates under the name Sisecam (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.

Şişecam produces chromium III chemicals and supplies a variety of chromium III products to the metal coating industry. As a result, Şişecam boosts the development of pioneering technologies by offering new alternatives to the industry.

As a leader in the chromium chemicals industry, Şişecam focuses on both financial performance as well as other critical areas, including sustainability, brand management, compliance with global standards and effective cooperation with all stakeholder groups.

Şişecam is committed to creating value-added products by adhering to environmental standards. The Company continuously improves its production technologies by capitalizing on its three decades of R&D experience. Production at the Soda and Kromsan Chromium Compounds plant takes place in accordance with TSI (Turkish Standards Institution) requirements; ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, and OHSAS 18001 standards; ISO 50001 Energy Management System; ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System; and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.

Şişecam has registered all its chromium chemicals products to fulfill each and every obligation under REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), a critical European Union regulation. The Company actively participates in relevant consortiums for products undergoing permission, a post-registration stage. With this approach, Şişecam ensures circulation for all its products in the European Union by complying with the REACH regulation.

Şişecam conducts its Kromsan plant operations under the “Responsible Care"​ ¬– a voluntary initiative in the chemicals industry to ensure compliance with environmental, health, and occupational safety regulation systems. The Company sets an international example with its environmentally friendly investments. Şişecam meets its own energy needs with its self-owned and operated energy generation plant.

Sodium Dichromate Anhydrous

Sodium dich​romate (anhydrous) is mainly used in the production of chromium chemicals, pigments, pharmaceuticals and in various other chemical industries. It contains 12% more active material compared to di​hydrate form.

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Chromic Acid

Chromic Acid (Chromium Trioxide) is widely used in metal finishing, wood preservation and in manufacturing of some organic chemicals. It is a strong oxidizer and dissolves readily in water.

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Leather Chemicals

Şişecam's basic chrome sulphate products, marketed under the brands of Tankrom and ecol-tan, are utilized for leather tanning.


Chromium III Metal Finishing Chemicals​

They are used in surface finishing and metal plating industries.