Leather Chemicals

​​​Şişecam supplies leather chemicals for the tanning, chrome retanning and basification processes.

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​​ecol-tan®, is an innovative basic chromium sulphate providing higher chrome exhaustion rates and an ecological solution with its pickle free chrome tanning process.
  • ​​Tankrom® AB – inorganically reduced basic chromium sulphate (33% basicity)
  • Tankrom® SB – organically reduced basic chromium sulphate (33% basicity)
  • ​​Tankrom® FS – high basicity basic chromium suphate (42% basicity)
  • Tankrom® F24 – high basicity basic chromium sulphate (50% basicity)
  • ​​Tankrom® OBM – self basifying basic chromium sulphate​​
Şişecam Chrome Syntan, is a chrome retanning agent suitable for retanning all kinds of wet-blue.
​​Şişeca​m Magnesium Oxide, is a safe ans stable basifying agent for chrome tanning.​​​